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a month ago

LD 35 Shapeshipsters a colors & rythm

Here it is, the end of the Ludum dare #35! This time I participated almost alone with a short delay. A friend helped me on the…

3 months ago

Pongarena D.I.Y arcade - Making of

DIY   project  

Hey there! I promised to talk about how I created the D.I.Y arcade version of Pongarena, here is it! First problem is conception, think about sizes and hardware. You need of course wood but y ou don'…

4 months ago

Prototypes archives

canvas   projects  

Here's a list of some prototypes I did in the past. A simple particules generator A 3D CSS Spinner A 2D map with procedural generation (simple algorythm Basic Match3 mechanic A* pathfinding…

6 months ago

Origins of Lost Alchemies

Games   project  

Originally created during a Ludum Dare the game was continued and is now paused for a while (waiting the good team to finish it). Ludum Dare original submission Complete Description on Nebula OLA, is…

6 months ago



Pongarena is an arcade game with a solo and a versus mode. But forget the solo mode it's only here for those who cannot play with someone else, the game is designed to be played with someone else! A…

6 months ago



-- french -- z-Tech est l'un des premiers jeux comlpet que j'ai réalisé en HTML5, la première version est sortie en fin d'année 2012. Ce jeu a été réalisé avec 4-5 personnes qui sont intervenues sur…

9 months ago

LD 33 (Jam) Fear of the Dark (+ github repo)

Games   ludu  

Github repo: Ludum Dare entry: Here is a new little game I made for the Ludum D…

a year ago

LD 30 (compo) Constellations (+ github)

Games   ludumdare  

Constellations is a little game I made alone during a Ludum Dare (sounds, "arts" if we can call this art, and code). You can try it directly here Github sources:…

a year ago


nodejs   singlepage   projects   backbone  

Nebula is a gaming platform I made using on client BackboneJS (+jquery & underscore), Bootstrap, RequireJS, moment, less, stash, and few other stuff. NodeJS with, mongodb, express, logg…

a year ago

Twitch Plays Robot War

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Here is a project I'm working on right now. Two robots made with Lego and an Intel Edison. Each one is streaming on a channel, and viewers decide which action it'll execute next turn. Today I finishe…